Photo Police allows a deeper look at the photos and allows to see usually invisible things. Photo Police shows low-bit pixel data. Usually low-bit pixel data is noisy, but it contains visual information about the photo montage or photo correction by image editor software.

PhotoPolice allows you to check any jpeg file. These can be photos of your friends from social networks or dating sites and any photos at all.

Example with woman’s face: right side is photoshoped and left side is real.

Example with textbubbles: some words removed.

The application can detect the following changes:

  • Blurring of wrinkles and acne removing;
  • Deleted or modified objects in the photo;
  • Hidden image in photo.
  • Any other intervention in low-bit pixel data of image


The application does not guarantee that the observed changes are the cause of Photoshop or any other human intervention. They may be associated with features of the camera and image processing software.

Example with tree: invisible image on low-bit data with UFO (not the real photo of UFO, just imitation).

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