App for speedy launch of applications and AppleScript scripts

AmbiLauncher allows you to quickly switch between applications or run AppleScript scripts by moving a cursor to the edge of the screen and back.

How it works

In order to run the AppleScript application or script, you need to quickly move the cursor to the edge of the screen and back.

Starting and finishing points of the cursor movements must be located no less than 10% of the screen width, from the edge of the screen.


Each section can be used to run applications or scripts AppleScript.

Size varies sections by dragging the boundaries between sections.

Sections can be dragged to change their position.

Section color

You can assign any color to a section, as well as the corresponding backlit area at the edge of the screen.

Launching Apps and AppleScript

To select an application you wish to run, it is necessary to find the application in Spotlight or drag its icon in the AmbiLauncher window.

Script files should be located in the folder ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.kro-nick.ambilauncher

Script examples


Settings allow changing the width and transparency of illuminated zones at the edges of the screen.

Illuminated zones can be made invisible by reducing transparency to the minimum value.

Transparent sections

If the section is not assigned an application or script to, then the corresponding illuminated zone will not be displayed on the screen.


AmbiLauncher can be temporarily removed from the menu. At the same time backlit zones should disappear from the screen.

When a cursor stays close to the edge of screen for longer (more than 1 sec.), the lit areas of the screen will become transparent. This way they are easier to remove when a video is played in the ‘full screen’ mode.

Limitations of Lite version

In the Lite version, only left edge of the screen is available.

In the full version, the left, bottom and right edges of the screen are available.

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